Tara Smith Photography


Even though I began shooting film at the age of 10, I never saw photography as a part of my future. My brother in law poured countless hours into teaching me to shoot in manual while spending my summers visiting Florida. Little did I know, the time he invested in an awkward, sassy ten year old would grow into a career.

Photography... it's my ministry. It's holding hands and praying with you on your wedding day. It's saturating myself in the overwhelming emotion with you when your first child is born. Even the times life isn't quite so fair... I walk that road with you too.

I am a lover of light, a child of God, a wife to Ryan and mother to three. I am an artist who loves to paint with love and raw emotion. I am messy, and imperfect, but by grace, I am saved. I love real conversation and coffee (khaki with so much creamer).